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Guide To IPL In Dubai: Everything You Need To Know

IPL in Dubai is here, and there is no stopping at that! IPL has been in the league for about  13 years, and the 13th edition of the match is ready to be displayed now; this is an excellent chance for all the fans to have their favourite stars to be watched up close. The game will take place in UAE from September 19 to November 10, an excellent chance for individuals to go at it. Hence to gear up for your IPL 2020, here is all you need to know about IPL as given by Dubai E Visa Online.IPL 2023, here is all you need to know about IPL as provided by Dubai E Visa Online. IPL has been in the league for about  13 years, and the 13th edition of the match is ready to be displayed now; this is an excellent chance for all the fans to have their favourite stars to be watched up close. The game will take place in UAE from September 19 to November 10, an excellent chance for individuals to go at it.


This match being held in UAE is reportedly the second time the games will take place in Dubai, with the first edition being in 2004, which was staged due to the general elections conducted in India. The tension is accurate; the pressure is correct, with IPL being less than three weeks away and IPL being less than three weeks awayIPL being less than three weeks away, the pressure is correct. As reported, the players and staff have all arrived in the United Arab Emirates following all protocols. They are currently undergoing the necessary preparations and a total of seven days of quarantine to ensure both health of the players and the staff from deteriorating in such a disastrous condition. 


  • IPL 2023 new schedule and timings
  • IPL 2023 Tickets

  • Dubai visa for IPL
  • FAQs

IPL 2023 New Schedule And Timings

There has been some ambiguity in the IPL schedule and timings as the schedules have not yet been finalised. It is said that there will be about 60 matches that will be played at three different venues such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai, respectively. This ambiguity in the schedules is seen due to unforeseen circumstances, such as players being tested positive, as the members of CSK have also been tested for the same. There are currently three different scheduling options being put forth n  this time of the pandemic, and they will probably be put into action in the next three weeks.


Conducting The Tournament With Only 20 Matches In Dubai:

According to the IPL 2023 schedule UAE timetable, six teams are currently in Dubai and undergoing training in the ICC academy. It is said that the stadium activity will be done on match day. The first part, about 20 matches, has been decided in the first option. This will be played in Dubai; hence, only two teams will have to change their location. The teams will also undergo PCR tests before entering the border.


Mass Schedules:

The idea over here is that the two unofficial teams will be playing with schedules placed simultaneously and done every week. However, if one of the teams has an infection, the necessary actions can be taken, and the other team can continue participating in the matches. This allows half of the team to go ahead in case any other group is missed and can continue after they have followed all the precautions.


A Doubleheader Game:

While the doubleheader game is set to take place, some teams are understood to have reservations regarding matches played in such extreme conditions. This is due to the 2 pm time the game is supposed to be played. About ten doubleheaders are being planned to owe to the shift in the decision.

IPL 2023 Tickets

Some free IPL Dubai 2023 tickets are planned to be given out to 5 people for the IPL match conducted in UAE. The tickets have now been posted on the official website of IPL UAE, and it is an excellent chance to catch up on the latest access to IPL before they all sell out. IPL UAE is a perfect chance to catch up on the newest entry to IPL before they all sell out. Some free IPL Dubai 2023 tickets are planned to be given out to 5 people for the IPL match conducted in UAE. While the stadium selling of access is not allowed due to the conditions, the sale of tickets can only be achieved online.

Dubai Visa For IPL

While buying tickets and having your schedule packed with all sorts of matches being attended is all good, the actual matter here is that you need to have a Dubai visa unless you are from one of the countries the UAE allows a visa exempted entry. In such cases where you need one, you can easily have your ticket booked via Dubaievisaonline and have many options displayed! Here is a small account on how to apply for a Dubai visa:

Step 1: Have your place form where you will be going entered, and then check for visa availability

Step 2: Select the visa that will match your stay period

Step 3: Fill in the form and upload the documents for the visa

Step 4: Pay the fees and then get the ticket issued to you.

That’s it. Now you can have both IPL in Dubai, a dream come true and have your visa booked quickly!


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