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Best Spas In Dubai

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Spas in Dubai feature the best relaxation and holistic treatments, one of the best in the entire world that promises a refreshing experience to the guests. If you want to experience Dubai's luxury life,  the city houses various cool aroma spas that focus on creating a perfectly luxurious affair and also spas that rely on traditional methods to heal you, here is Dubai E Visa Online giving you information on the best spas in Dubai

Immerse yourself in the luxurious soothing vibes, give your mind some rest, and get treated in the best way possible by professionals using scientifically proven techniques, that guarantee to treat your tiredness, and fatigue and rejuvenate your body magically.  

If you believe in Ayurveda and yoga techniques, then Dubai houses several spas offering the same. 

Take a look at the best spas in Dubai listed below:


Amara spa is sited in the private courtyard of the Park Hyatt hotel. The spa offers an experience that is incomparable. It offers unique treatment with the use of natural elements from treasurable jewels. 

The spa also offers Arabia tea which makes this experience totally unforgettable. There is hardly any wait time with 8 private rooms, choose the spa of your choice and bathe in the luxury. It belongs to the A-list of spas in Dubai. 

LOCATION: Park Hyatt hotel, Dubai

TIMING:  9:00 AM-10:00 PM

PRICE: Starting from AED 625Dhs


If you enjoy nature and are looking for a spa in the lap of nature, then this could be the perfect place for you to try. The setup is scented with organic herbs that blow right through your mind and give you the perfect experience of both luxury and tranquility. 

The highlights of this magical place are Apothecary manicures and pedicures treatment.

Due to its uniqueness, the spa has been awarded many awards and also provides spa tit-bits to keep you engaged and munching on your favorite snacks while enjoying your spa moment.

LOCATION: Sky gardens, Park Avenue

TIMING: 10:00AM-10:00PM

PRICE: Starting from AED 250Dhs/USD 68$

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This spa has an ocean full of techniques to offer which will make the time stand still. The masseuses at the soul senses spa and wellness have been trained to master perfection and drift one into the soothing and equally calming process of relaxation using ancient techniques. You can totally enjoy the Dubai spa massage here.

They offer a huge variety of menus for the customers to choose from. You can choose from classic treatments, premium treatments, and some of the best facials in Dubai. There are also a number of detox plans available here along with traditional Thai services, thus making them unique.

LOCATION: Atrium Center, Bank Street, near Al Fahidi metro station

TIMING: 10:00AM-12:00PM

PRICE: Starting from AED 150Dhs/USD 28.59$


The moment you walk into the Armani spa, you will contemplate that you have reached a spa paradise with a majestically aromatic smell. Every corner in the spa smells of class and comfort and could turn out to be the perfect spa experience for you.

The ambiance inside the spa is just fantastic, and if you believe in Chakras, you can get them re-aligned with one of their fluidity treatments. Want to know what’s better? You are distressing in the BURJ KHALIFA, the tallest building in the world. If you are lucky you can also grab some Dubai spa day offers at this place.

LOCATION: Armani Hotel, Dubai

TIMING: 7:00AM-11:00PM

PRICE: Starting from AED 650Dhs/ USD 176.97$.

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Upon entering the Talise Ottoman Spa, you will feel like you have entered into some royal territory’s pathway to relaxation. The prolific name of the spa is derived from the Turkish Hammam massage which is a flashback of the community.

You can choose from a wide variety of services ranging from Talise ottoman hammam, Talise facials, Luxury body treatments, Talise massage, and Couple’s spa, along with other add-ons as per your choice. The area comprises 42 service rooms, steam rooms, sauna rooms, snow rooms, and also two thalassotherapy pools. 

The spa has bagged several awards and is one of the best ones in Dubai.

LOCATION: Jumeirah zabeel saray, Palm Jumeirah 

TIMING: 9:00AM-9:00PM

PRICE: Starting from AED 650Dhs/USD 176.97$

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This spa is an oasis of rejuvenating treatment and will leave your mind blown. You can also call it a cheap spa in Dubai due to its large service menu. Talise spa is set up amidst the waterways with a beautiful view of madinat jumeirah. The spa consists of 26 treatment rooms filled with luxury. 

This spa is value for money considering the luxury it provides. It also has an outdoor secret spa massage, infrared sauna, also treatment suites and Alphasphere Deluxe sensory consists of distinctly amazing services that set this spa aside from the other ones.

LOCATION: King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud street, Jumeirah Al Sufouh.

TIMING: 10:00AM-9:00PM

PRICE: Starting from AED 92Dhs/USD 25.05$.


A perfect escape for couples, this spa is also housed near the Burj Khalifa. The luxurious spa holds many accolades for the kind of luxury that it offers. The spa uses traditional  deep-rooted techniques 

The spa's aura is designed to treat and eliminate stress to extreme levels. If you are looking for a spa in Dubai hotels, this could be a perfect choice.

LOCATION: Hotel JW Marriott Marquis

TIMING: 9:00AM-11:00PM

PRICE: Starting from AED 330Dhs/USD 89.85$.


You will find that every corner of this spa emits positivity that reflects with the masseuses and therapists. The service in techniques is taken from around the world to offer world-class treatment to the customers. Some of the reflexologies are even performed barefoot; the spa claims that it has healing techniques. The SPA offers the best facials in Dubai and hydrates your skin to another level.  

Their manicure and pedicure treatments are must-try. You can even try the nail spa here and choose from their wide variety of nail polishes. Definitely a not to miss out on and one of the best spas in Dubai indeed. 

LOCATION: Jumeirah Road, Opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel

TIMING: 10:00AM-10:00PM

PRICE: Starting from AED 48Dhs/ USD 13.07$.


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