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The Essence of Dubai Investor visa for Bangladesh

Dubai is a commercial city in the United Arab Emirates. Overseas, the UAE is known as the commercial city of Dubai. According to him, people are going to Dubai instead of UAE. Geographically Dubai has become an important city. Especially air travel or transit method! Dubai is making good profits. Expo 2020, one of the steps of trade in the world of competition, has snatched Dubai.


Dubai investor visa

General Dubai visa for Bangladeshis have been closed in the UAE for six long years. Although the general visa was closed, people did not stop coming from Bangladesh. In the last six years, a large number of people from Bangladesh have entered the UAE in various ways. It is learned that some of them came without Indian passports. Besides, people are coming on Dubai visit visa.


Dubai investor policy

The tourism industry is playing a key role in the economy of many countries. It can be said that the tourism industry has been identified as a fast growing sector in the world, especially in developed countries. Through this employment opportunities and easy acquaintance can be gained. In that continuity, all sorts of measures have been taken to attract more tourists as well as increasing the number of tourist destinations in the UAE day by day. Although general Dubai visas for Bangladesh are closed in the UAE, tourist visas may have been kept easier for trade reasons. Although in the beginning everything was off. I saw in the newspapers that even government officials had to go through various complications to come to Dubai. But in the last two years, tourist or visit visas have been made easier. Anyone can travel to Dubai if they want to Apply Dubai visa.


Due to the political and social environment of the country, corruption and unemployment, the youth are migrating. As it becomes increasingly difficult to get a visa to Europe, young people are now showing interest in going to several countries in the Middle East and Malaysia. In that case, Dubai is the favorite place of many. But now that Dubai ordinary visas have been discontinued, there is reliance on tourist visas. Some are coming on tourist visas and some are living illegally. However, the UAE has recently introduced strict laws against illegal immigrants. The law has been introduced to impose fines on asylum seekers and workplaces.


Dubai sport city

Meanwhile, those who have come to visit and applied for investor visas and started living in Dubai are not in such a favorable position. Collectively, the cost of an investor visa is around Rs 5 lakh per person. Some are more and some are less. But it is a pity that many people are not effective investors even though they are on investor visas. But that is not what is happening. However, in most of the names, only businessmen are licensed, only office rooms are rented in name and visa is applied. Again, there are several syndicates who work in the name of investor visas. These syndicate groups are bringing people from the country through contracts and giving them the opportunity to live legally on investor visas.

Syndicate groups bring people from the country and give them the opportunity to live legally through Dubai investor visas, but they are not giving them any job opportunities. It is different for those who have started a business on their own initiative or have joined the previous business of a family member in Dubai.


Only those who live here can tell you what the UAE's business market is like at the moment. And those involved in the business have more of an idea. Expatriate investors start working in shops, restaurants or various companies. Many expatriates are forced to pick up cans of Pepsi at one stage as they do not get a convenient job by applying for investor visa by spending lakhs of rupees. Bhangari started working under traders. Pepsi cans and paper picking under the Bhangari traders are also not legal here. What does it look like to become a businessman on paper? How would you feel if the police arrested you and saw the businessman writing on the ID? So what happened? It is illegal even after spending so much money to become legal.


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