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How to apply Dubai transit visa?

How long is a transit visa in the United Arab Emirates?

Dubai transit visa

The Dubai transit visa takes from several hours to several days, which depends on the speed of processing the information, filling out the questionnaire by the migration authorities and then studying the information about the applicant by the migration officer.

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What is included in the transit visa package?

Dubai visa

You can obtain a transit visa, which is necessary for a temporary stay in the UAE, upon arrival via Emirates airline at Dubai Airport. You can know more about the price of packages for transit stops for one tourist through Dubai visa online

Are additional conditions provided?

Apply Dubai transit visa

A transit visa to the UAE is issued only by aviation companies, which charge an additional fee for the provision of relevant services. Important is the need for flights organized by the sponsor. You must have documents with you confirming a flight to another country and a temporary stop at the Dubai airport or a temporary stay in the UAE (no more than 96 hours).
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